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Custom Slideshows

Our expert photo-editing team create the most unique and spectacular slideshows for all your special occasions



We know that the photos from your event or photo shoot will be amazing, and we want to help you share them with the world.

We can create a slideshow with some of your best shots, which will be perfect for posting on social media or sending to your friends and family.

We're proud to say that we've created hundreds of custom photo slideshows and videos for our clients over the past few years.

Our custom slideshow service will showcase your photographs in a beautiful and dynamic way. We'll use our skills and expertise to create a unique visual experience that makes the best possible use of all of your photos.


Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. They are special moments that tell your story.

Let FJA Photography capture your memories one chapter at a time utilizing the photos from your event or photoshoot.  

Your life is a collection of stories that are just waiting to be told. It doesn't matter if it's a large event like a wedding or a small one like a family reunion. We can create a magical slideshow with music, title pages, and dazzling trending transitions.  


Don't just keep your photos in your wallet or just share them on Instagram or Facebook. Let your photos come to life with one of our amazing tailor-made slideshows. Enjoy your photos in full HD Hi-Definition, share them with friends and family and enjoy your slideshow on your big screen TV.

Let us create a slideshow with you photos from your Birthdays, Baptisms, Weddings, Sweet 16s, Quinceañeras, Family Reunions, Family Portraits or any of your events!

All slideshows include the following:

  • Widescreen video

  • Synchronized stereo music

  • Songs and special effects

  • Multi-step digital photo enhancement

  • Red-eye reduction

  • Adjustment of brightness and contrast as necessary

  • Panning and zooming effects

  • Fades and transitions on all pictures

  • Title page and closing captions

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