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4 Easy Ways to Get a Blurry Background in Photographs

Updated: Apr 15

Blurry background photo of a little girl kissing her mother on the cheek.  Daughter and Mother photo.
4 Easy Ways to Get a Blurry Background in Photographs

Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts and soon-to-be clients in search of a pro's touch for your memorable moments! So, you've seen those mesmerizing photos where the main subject shines like a superstar against a dreamy, blurred background, right? Well, guess what? You're about to uncover the secrets to creating that enchanting effect in your very own photographs. Get ready to level up your photography game as we explore four super-friendly techniques to make your subjects pop like never before.

1. Getting Cozy with Focal Length

Imagine this: you're at a bustling park, capturing your best friend's radiant smile. Here's the scoop – your lens's focal length can make all the difference in the world. If you're aiming for that beautiful blurry background, reach for a lens with a longer focal length, like an 85mm or more. It's like sprinkling a touch of magic dust on your pics.

85mm lens
85mm Lens

The Telephoto Lens Trick

70-200mm lens
70-200mm lens

Ever heard of a telephoto lens? Think of it as your photography wand. It lets you stand a bit farther away while still capturing every glorious detail. A versatile option like a 70-200mm lens can turn your images into pure visual poetry. You'll be amazed at how it transforms your ordinary backgrounds into a mesmerizing blur.

2. Aperture Adventures

Aperture comparison - aperture f/2 vs. aperture f/22
Aperture comparison

Now, let's dive into the world of aperture – that little secret that can change the game. Ready for some enchantment?

Embrace the Wide Aperture

For that oh-so-dreamy background, open up your aperture. It's like creating a pathway for pure artistry. Crank it open to around f/1.2 to f/3.5, and watch your subject pop while the background dances in a sea of soft blur. It's like giving your photos a dash of fairy tale charm.

Dialing It In

Not all lenses can go super-wide, and that's totally cool. Even with a narrower aperture, you can still achieve a blurry background by playing around with other settings. It's all about finding your groove and letting your creativity shine.

3. Mastering the Art of Distancing

 Mastering the Art of Distancing - Photograph distance comparison
Mastering the Art of Distancing

Let's get a bit physical now – with the distance between your subject and the background. Imagine you're at a quaint coffee shop, capturing your furry friend's antics.

The Magic of Space

Here's the trick: the further your subject is from the background, the blurrier it becomes. So, if your furry superstar is cozying up to a wall, just give them a nudge forward. That simple step can turn an ordinary backdrop into an artistic masterpiece.

4. Unveiling Post-Processing Magic

Post-Processing Magic - post production before and after image.
Post-Processing Magic

Alright, so you've clicked away, but the background blur isn't quite hitting the mark. Don't worry – there's still some digital wizardry you can work post-shoot.

Hello, Photoshop Sorcery

Ever heard of Photoshop? It's like your photo's fairy godmother. If you're not entirely happy with the blur level, you can always dive into the digital realm and amp it up. Just remember, this trick works best when you've got a hint of blur to begin with.

Elevate Your Photography Game: Capturing Memories That Last a Lifetime

As we bid adieu to our captivating journey through the art of achieving a blurry background, let's take a moment to explore how these techniques can elevate your photography game and create memories that stand the test of time.

Make Your Moments Unforgettable

Imagine flipping through a photo album or scrolling through your gallery, and every image you capture is a work of art. By mastering the skill of creating a blurry background, you're not just snapping pictures; you're painting stories. Your subjects become the protagonists, framed against a canvas of dreamy blur that amplifies their emotions and presence.

Beautiful girl smiling

Create a Visual Symphony

With each click of the shutter, you're composing a visual symphony that resonates with your viewers. The interplay of focal length, aperture, and distance isn't just about blurring backgrounds – it's about orchestrating a harmonious blend of technical mastery and creative finesse. Your photographs become a sensory experience, evoking feelings and memories that transport your audience to the heart of the moment.

A side-by-side comparison of the same scene with different aperture settings
Create a Visual Symphony

Unveil the Art of Emotion

Every smile, every tear, every fleeting glance – they all deserve to be captured in their full glory. By harnessing the techniques we've explored, you're not only blurring backgrounds but also unlocking the door to authentic emotion. Your subjects become the focal point of a larger narrative, drawing viewers into the story and allowing them to connect on a deeper level.

Unveil the Art of Emotion - woman smiling - blurred background portrait
Unveil the Art of Emotion

Your Signature Style, Your Unique Story

As you incorporate these techniques into your photography repertoire, you're crafting your signature style that sets you apart. Whether you're a budding photographer or a seasoned pro, your ability to master the art of a blurry background becomes an integral part of your visual storytelling. It's your personal touch that turns moments into masterpieces.

blurred background portrait - Woman dress in black
Your Signature Style, Your Unique Story

Join the Blur-tiful Movement

So, are you ready to step into the realm of blurred backgrounds and unleash your creative prowess? Embrace the power of focal length, dance with aperture settings, play with distance, and polish your post-processing skills. By mastering these techniques, you're not just taking photos; you're creating a movement – a blur-tiful movement that celebrates the beauty of moments and the art of photography.

As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that it's not just about capturing images; it's about capturing the essence of life itself. So, go ahead, pick up your camera, and let the blur begin. Your photography adventure awaits, and the world is ready to witness your unique perspective. Happy clicking!

Wrapping It All Up

There you have it, photography aficionados and potential clients seeking those unforgettable shots from a professiona photographer. Armed with these fantastic techniques, you're now equipped to create images that don't just capture a moment but elevate it to a masterpiece.

Whether you're shooting portraits, candids, or your four-legged fur babies, the power of focal length, aperture, distance, and post-processing is now at your fingertips. So grab your camera, embrace the magic, and watch as your subjects take center stage against those beautifully blurred backgrounds. It's time to embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds. Happy snapping!


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