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5 Tips for Photographing a Wedding in NYC

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Photography is an art that goes way beyond shooting using the perfect camera. The photographer is essentially responsible for capturing one of the biggest days of their client’s life and has only one chance to do it right. The couple will be hunting for Photography Services in New York. So, let’s go through some tips that can help you capture quality photos and take the pressure off!

Create a Pose list

Discuss with the bride & groom-to-be. Gauge the guest list and note down the particular shots you want to capture, be it the couple with their family or the bride with her bridesmaids. Capture the first’s- the first kiss, first dance, and the first look.

Always have a backup plan! 

D-Day will always be a hectic day. Someone will be running late, or something will be missing. You need to prepare for any situation. Battery may die. Carry charged backup batteries. May run out of space. Carry blank memory cards. If possible, carry a laptop so that you can back up your photos in real-time (better safe than sorry!). Ensure that you provide Quality Photography Services in NYC as your potential clients may be somewhere in the crowd.

Pre-plan the shoot

Visit the venue and study the different locations that you want to click. The couple may have certain shots in mind, hear them out and bring their vision to life. It’s not just about having the perfect shot. It’s also about the couple enjoying being photographed. Make them comfortable and assist them with poses when needed.

Detailed shots

These photos are all the trend today. Close-up shots of the rings or the bride & amp; groom holding their hands focused on the rings, invites, bouquet. Experiment with your angles-the bridal entry can be shot from the top, whereas the vows could be shot at waist height. With the power of social media, these shots tend to go viral, and someone on the lookout for photography Services in New York may see your work!

Be Bold but not Obtrusive

As a photographer, it is your job to capture the entire ceremony from all angles. So do what feels right. You will have a first-row seat to the vows and entry, but also remember that the guests are here to see the wedding too. 

Weddings, Birthdays, Family Portraits, or special occasions-the photographer needs to capture moments so that the clients can cherish them forever. A good photographer will become the perfect one if he listens to his clients. To them, it is professional but to their clients? It’s personal. 

Franklin J Acosta, a photographer Serving the New York and New Jersey area, understands this concept. If you are looking for a Family photographer in New Jersey or Quality Photography Services NYC, your search ends at FJA Photography. Please contact us to make your photography dreams come to life.

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