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5 Tips for Taking Better Portraits

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

If you're taking portraits outside, make sure there's enough natural light.

Natural light is an excellent tool, but it may be challenging to work with. However, it just won't cooperate at times. It might cause harsh and ugly shadows in your portraits. Here are five tips to help you capture better photos by noticing and controlling the best natural light.

1. Photograph during the golden Hour

If you've been photographing for any length of time, you've probably heard of the Golden Hour. Many individuals miss out on the Golden Hour since it does not always coincide with their schedules. The Golden Hour occurs twice daily, just after sunrise and just before nightfall. The sunshine is warmer at this hour, and because it is lower in the sky, it does not cast harsh shadows on your subject's face.

2. Take Photos During Blue Hour

The dark blue color in the sky that appears shortly after sunset and before daybreak is known as Blue Hour. Your portraits will have a gorgeous blue color because of the blue lighting, giving them a unique look. Try experimenting with Blue Hour if you're searching for a way to liven up your portraits.

3. Use Natural Reflectors

Natural light does not always hit your subject in the best possible way. To assist you remove shadows, you can utilize reflectors. You can buy and bring a light reflector with you. But you'll need someone to hold it, which isn't always possible. When you're in a hurry and need to reflect light, look for white pavement or buildings. Anything white will reflect natural light beautifully. In this case, the reflection comes from the white bl2anket. Just make sure your subject is in the proper position.

4. Use Overcast Lighting

Portraits benefit from overcast lighting. The sunlight is filtered by the clouds, making it considerably softer. The light is softer therefore, there are no shadows cast on your subject. Make sure you check the weather forecast to avoid getting caught in the rain.

5. Location, Location, Location

Choosing an interesting location will dramatically improve your photos. Scoping out places ahead of time is usually beneficial because you'll know when the light will be ideal for the shots you desire. You'll be able to organize your session time more precisely if you scope out your location ahead of time. Remember, choosing the right place to take your photos can make or break your image.

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