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Getting Creative with Photography

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Hi, Here are three simple tips that will improve your photography by simply getting creative!

1. Use Props

Using a prop for your photos helps tell a story. It adds to the overall composition, and it makes your shots a lot more interesting to look at. Use a prop that would add color or depth. I assure you it will bring general visual interest to your photography. However, do not overpower your shot with props, remember to keep your subject the center of attention.

2. Take advantage of interesting backgrounds

Choosing something as obvious as the background can make all the difference to a portrait. Backgrounds of different colors or even different textures can all be used. If patterns are used, make sure that they aren’t too busy. Separate your subject from the background by shooting with a wide aperture. Doing this will create that blurry background or bokeh effect that everyone loves.

1. Shooting through objects

I love shooting through objects. It adds an element of interest and depth in the foreground. You can really take this up a notch by using everyday elements like leaves, branches, and fabrics to create cool artistic effects in your images.

Once you start getting creative with your photography, it will be hard to take a plain photo again.

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