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Maternity Photography Ideas

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Are you looking for unique maternity photography ideas?

We've compiled a small list of our favorite pregnancy photography tips.

Maternity Photography Ideas


One of the most significant aspects of maternity photography is simply coming up with model-flattering posing and layout ideas. After taking a few images during a maternity photo session, posing can become a little repetitive. If this is the case, read the following posing guide for maternity sessions and fresh ideas for your next shoot.

The baby belly and the mother-to-be are the focal points of basic maternity session posing. You can start with very simple posing and gradually add more diversity to the poses. These basic techniques, on the other hand, are ideal for every session and may be used in any scenario or place.

Turn your client at least 45 degrees away from the camera to either side to flatter her belly. Make her feel more relaxed and comfortable, ask which side is more natural to them. After you have turned your client, give her some shape by adding lines to her body. This provides additional flow and some curves. To accomplish this, have your client extend her knee closest to the camera. This helps in drawing the eye up from her leg to the belly and finally to her face.

Lastly, cradle the belly with her hands to emphasize it even more. The hands can be posed in a variety of ways:

  • Place one hand on top of the belly and one hand under

  • Both hands under

  • One hand on the side and one hand under

  • Only one hand on the mother’s belly

Location, Location, Location

Location is a very important part of planning when considering your maternity photoshoot. There are amazing locations in the New York, NYC area where you can take wonderful maternity photos. For example, the famous Central Park in the middle of Manhattan. This park has several lakes and statues you can use as your background. There are also several secluded places in this park where your client will have the privacy to expose her belly. The main attractions include landscapes such as the Ramble and Lake, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Formal spaces such as Bethesda Terrace which is Ideal for a maternity photoshoot or wedding. The biologically diverse ecosystem has several hundred species of flora and fauna, making Central Park one of the top destinations for an outdoor maternity photo shot in NYC.

Another great location in NYC is Fort Tryon Park. This park is a public park located in the Hudson Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The 67-acre park is situated on a ridge in Upper Manhattan, close to the Hudson River to the west. It extends mostly from 192nd Street, in the south. To Riverside Drive in the north and from Broadway, in the east to the Henry Hudson Parkway in the west. The main entrance to the park is at Margaret Corbin Circle, at the intersection of Fort Washington Avenue and Cabrini Boulevard. I have done several photoshoots in this park with amazing results. If you live in the NYC or NJ area and need a maternity photographer, contact us and will be happy to assist.

Use Props

To make the maternity photo session event more interesting bring some memorable objects connected with the pregnancy. Ask your subject to take something of sentimental value to the photo session. This can be an ultrasound image, little shoes, balloons, or any other decorative props. You will be surprised by how interesting your photos will be and, this adds a unique sentimental value to your client’s experience.

Experiment with Black & White Photos

Who doesn’t love a well-taken Black and white photograph? For some reason, a black and white picture gives you the sensation the photo is much older than it truly is, and it also gives it a classic look. B&W Photos can also reduce the appearance of possible skin problems, such as acne, blotches, and spider veins. This trick might constantly come in handy, as almost all pregnant women suffer from problems with their skin. Take a look at the pictures below and let me know which one you prefer.

Romantic Couple Photos

Maternity Photography Services in New York City
Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography Services in New York City
Romantic Maternity Photography

NYC Maternity Photography Services
Couple Maternity Photograph

Romantic maternity photos are becoming more popular each year. Mothers want to have memories of the future dad captured romantically. Our clients usually print these photos and hang them in their bedrooms, which is the best place for these types of images.

Sometimes it can be challenging to capture these moments because of the other kids in the family. However, make sure you have romantic couple photos when shooting a maternity session. The main thing is to focus on is the couple's tender and trusting relationships. The atmosphere in the photograph should be romantic, this can be achieved by asking the couple to share a kiss or just an embrace with their heads touching.

Where to Look

1. To emphasize her pregnant state, ask the mother to look at you and place her hands on her belly. It is recommended to wear an elegant maternity dress to draw attention to the baby belly although this is optional.

2. It is well recognized that a mother and her unborn child share a deep bond. Keep this in mind when deciding on the ideal maternity pose. To photograph the belly profile, ask her to stand at a slight angle. This pose works best the mother is looking down.

3. For interesting maternity images, turn the model parallel to your camera so you can see the entire profile. The curves of the expecting mother will be stunning. If the mother bends her back a little and pulls her shoulders back, it would be fantastic. She has the option of looking directly at the camera or down at her future child.

Close Ups

New York Maternity Photography Services.

This maternity photograph is one that most mothers anticipate. To capture the most essential and obvious part of a maternity shoot, the belly, you'll need to get up close and personal. You have the option of shooting from the side or straight on. It makes no difference. Just remember to get up close and personal. You can also include a picture of the sonogram in this shot.


It's critical to remember to have fun during the process. Your interactions with the expecting parents will either enhance or detract from their experience and their thoughts of the images you develop. So, before you step into the shoot, make sure you learn the technical aspects of shooting so you can concentrate on achieving a good experience.

Maternity photo ideas vary greatly depending on the needs of the pregnant mother, the time of year, and the photographer's schedule. Pregnancy is a fantastic period that you'll want to photograph to express the incredible emotions of expecting a child.

Professional and Experience NY & NJ Family and Events Photographer.
NY & NJ Family and Event Photographer

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